Recently in a shooting for a song filmed on Bhojpuri super star Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua and Rinku Ghosh for the Bhojpuri film Mriyunjay produced by Pravesh Sippy. Nowadays money is drained like water for the filming of songs too in Bhojpuri cinema and this was seen with this shoot too.

A faboulous set was erected at Filmistan studio and 280 sarees were used for the song. Of these 160 sarees were torn and flown in air during the song. Director Jagdish Sharma says that this was as per the demand of the song. The sarees were costly too and not colored rags!

The song was choreographed by Rikky Gupta who enjoyed the shoot filmed in a village surrounding under hot sun. The sarees were cut into pieces and large air circulators were used to blow these in air.

Producer Pravesh Sippy claims the film has folk-songs, dizzling romance, power packed action, and a new story. The film requires that money should be spent liberally and the result will be soon before the viewers.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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