Manoj Tiwari has own the Bhojpuria applause with his dedication and dreams. His film Sasura Bada Paisawala gave Bhojpuri film industry a new lease of life. Manoj Tiwari gave an international platform for Bhojpuri cinema with his small but well directed steps. His films touches the hearts of Bhojpuria society. His latest film Bhojpuria Don is releasing in Bihar soon and we talked in that context. The excerpts are given below:

It is said that Bhojpuri Don is thriller like Deathly Hallos, the topmost Hollywood thriller. Is it true ?
It is more of a reality and was hard work for me. It has thrill as well as action and story.

How much it differs from old Dons ?
Very much ! This story shows how a vegetable vendor from north India is forced to become a Don !

You are returning to Bhojpuri cinema after two years with this film.
I had reduced doing films. Now a good script has brought me back.

There are three heroines in the film opposite you. Any particular reason ?
Monalisa, Urvashi Chaudhary, and Sweta Verma, all three, are superb actresses and the story demanded their presence. The film has been made superb like them and the viewers are sure going to like it.

It is said that your role in Bhojpuria Don is much like the angry young man of Zanzeer fame played by Big B. Are you going to be an angry young man in this film ?
I am not a policeman in the film but a petty vegetable vendor who is forced to turn into a Don with crime and by the system. And yes, I am playing the angry young man in this film for the sake of north Indians.

So this too is going to be a mile stone film for Bhojpuri cinema ?
Absolutely ! It is the story of every north Indian and Rakesh Kohli, the producer, and Ravi Sinha, the director, have made a superb film which must be liked by the viewers.

(Source : Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)

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