As is common in Bollywood films, Bhojpuri films too have started having stable pairs of actors actresses. Viewers want to see their favorite star pair again and again. The hit Bhojpuri pairs include Manoj Tiwari-Rani Chatterjee, Rai Kishan-Nagma, Nirahua-Pakhi, Pawan Singh-Monalisa etc. Now a new hot pair has gained acceptance and that is of Pravesh Lal Yadav and Shubhi Sharma. This pair first came in “Chalani Ke Chalal Dulha” and was widely accepted by the viewers. Their next film “Dushmani” is now ready for release. Pravesh and Shubhi are also in “aulad” by Nirahua Entertainment and “Raja ke Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gayel” by Swandeep. This hot pair is most welcome !

(Source – Prashant-Nishant)

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