Producer director of successful Hindsi films like “Subah Hone Tak” and “Sanam Ham Apke Hai” Ajay Ojha is now coming with his first Bhojpuri film Sugna expected to be released soon.

The producer director, Ajay Ojha, claims it to be a different type of film and says that though the film is a family melodrama it is action packed at the same time. The leading stars of the film are Aditya Ojha, Rajiv Dinkar, new comer Kajal Raghvani, Kalpana Shah, Pramod Maoutho, and, Govind Khatri. Aditya Ojha says that the film is going to change the viewers opinion of Bhojpuri films. It is a purposeful and entertaining film ans has been shot at real locations at Chapra and in Mumbai.

The well known Pramod Moutho of Hindi cinema plays a villain in the film while Govind Khatri is a corrupt Police Inspector in the film. Other stars include Vijay Singh, Ranjeet Singh, Abhishek Arun, and Deepak Tiwari. Seema Singh has done an item song in the film which is already rising up in popularity.

(Source : Shashikant Sngh, Ranjan Sinha)

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