Mayank Mehra belongs to Nainital where he was educated, trained in acting, and took part in theaters. He has the longing for entering the glamour world of cinema so he decided to produce a film for himself. The result is Bheema, a Bhojpuri film based on the relationship of a master and his loyal servant.

Mayank himself has played the title role of Bheema and Surendra Pal is the Thakur. Other stars of the film are Kalpana Shah, Sristhi, Girish Sharma and others. Post production work of the film is under progress and the film is expected to release in October this year.

Mayank Mehra is a fan of Ravi Kishan and will like to emulate Ravi Kishan as he has entrenched himself in Bhojpuri and Hindi fims both. Mayank too wants to make a place for himself in both these languages.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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