Bhojpuri lovers will dance with excitement to know that an university of USA is going to undertake research on Bhojpuri cinema and a candidate for doctorate Katherien Hardy is the researcher.

Katherine Hardy was in India and while touring Varanasi she came into touch with Bhojpuri when she listened some Bhojpuri songs and saw some music and film videos too. She was so impressed with all these beauty of Bhojpuri language and culture that she decided to take this topic as her research subject for her doctorate degree from University of Philadelphia.

She came again to India to study Bhojpuri films from close quarters. She met the megastar of Bhojpuri cinema whose film Sasura Bada Paisawala turned around the failing Bhojpuri film industry and had a long chat with him. She stayed with Bhojpuriyas to understand the Bhojpuri culture. She even learned Hindi and Bhojpuri to understand the films. Katherine wants to remain in touch with Bhojpuri in future too.

Manoj Tiwari had congratulated and thanked Katherine for selecting Bhojpuri cinema as a subject matter for her research.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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