Manoj Tiwari took to street in Patna to support Anna
Recently Manoj Tiwari joined the rally supporting Anna Hazare at Kargil Chawk of Patna. Manoj Tiwari was also seen on the stage with Baba Ramdev. He says that he supports the issue raised by Baba Ramdev and now Anna Hazare. It is time that we end the corruption with all its ramifications to make our country strong.

Bhojpuri stars come out in support of Anna

Many stars of Bhojpuri cinema have come out openly to support the movement against corruption started by the famous social reformist Anna Hazare. These stars include Manoj Tiwari, Rinku Ghosh, Gunjan Pant, Anara Gupta, Vinay Anand, Sanjay Pandey, Prakash Jais, Deepak Dubey, Seema Singh, Sushil Singh, Rajiv Dinkar, Shubham Tiwari, Jay Singh, and also others associated with Bhojpuri film industry like Mahesh Pandeym JP SIngh, Haider Kazmi, Iqbal Baksh, Nagesh Mishra, Mukesh Pandey, Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha and others.

Manoj Tiwari has said the present govt is more oppresive than the British govt.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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