Gunjan Pant is walking on the moon these days because her latest Bhojpuri film “Mar Deb Goli..” has come out as a super hit film. The film has Ravi Kishan as hero who is a police inspector out to eradicate mafia elements from his area. This is also for the first time that Gunjan Pant has been paired with Ravi Kishan and viewers have welcomed them very warmly. Gunjan is saying that this film has added new hype to her career but she still has her feet on the ground. “Mar Deb Goli Kehu Na Boli” is produced by Payal Dubey, directed by Jagdish Sharma, and presented by Jeetesh Dubey. Her new coming film is “Yadav Paan Bhandar” in which Gunjan Pant is with Manoj Tiwari.
(Source – Shashikant Singh)

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