You may be wondering what is bieng said about Bhojpuria star Vikrant Singh. Those who keep their fingers on the Bhojpuri film industry know that Vikrant Singh is now also going to appear as an action star with his romances. VIkrant s the only chocklaty star of Bhojpuri cinema but now a days he is seen doing marvellous action scenes.

Due to this versatility in his acting it is difficult to put Vikrant in a particular tag and this has made him popular among producers and directors. Vikrant Singh is having very different looks in Gundai Raj and Kurukshetra both directed by famous director Jagdish Sharma.

Vikrant Singh says that it is love and affection of his viewers and blessings from directors that he is giving different looks in different films. He informs that hhis forthcoming films include Begane and Akhada in addition to Kurukshetra and Gundai Raj.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)

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