Much awaited family entertainer Jara Deb Duniya Tohra Pyar Mein from PUN Films is due to released in Bihar theatres on 16th July. Its hit item songs “Gavne Ki Pehli Ratiya” and “Murgi Jawani Mein” are on the lips of all audiences already who are eager to watch Ravi Kishan’s hot chemistry with Shikha on the big screen.

Avadhesh Mishra in one of his lifetime role as a villain sets the screen on fire with his fury and madness that ends in a fierce combat and bloodshed. Komal Dhillon’s colourful performance will enthrall the audience with her glamorous dances and intense drama.

Others in the cast include Brijesh Tripathi, Nilima Singh, Seema Singh, Taslima, Phool Singh, Vinod Mishra and Shamim Khan. Made with American Digital Techniques, the movie promises to present a very crisp and colorful movie experience with visual effects that have never been seen before in Bhojpuri films. The film has all the ingredients of a complete entertainer with 10 songs, 5 fight sequences, family drama, love scenes and rib-tickling comedy by C P Bhatt and Omi.

The music by Rajesh-Rajnish is comparable only to the best of music in Bollywood, and sung by Kalpana, Udit Narain, Kavita Nikam, Manoj Mishra, Rajesh Jha and Rajnish Mishra. Fights by R P Yadav include lathi-fights, comic fights, and the best of mar-dhad and disham-dishum that will thrill the spectators. The dances are a winning streak of this film with brilliant award-winning choreography by Ram Dewan. Directed by FTII graduate Dhiraj Kumar Singh, and co-directed by American Film Director Tejaswi Kadam, Jara Deb Duniya Tohra Pyar Mein promises to be a movie experience that will transform the audience expectations and is poised to set new standards of film entertainment in Bhojpuri.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)

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