Jitesh Dubey is acclaimed as the king producer of Bhojpuri cinema. Because he has repeatedly produced and presented successful hit films. Starting his film production company Krishna Creations with the first film “Dharam Veer” Jitesh Dubey has produced three films till date and presented one film. All these films have hit the bulls eye and proved super duper hit films. The films were Munni Bai Nautankiwali. Brijwa, Mar Deb Goli Kehu Na Boli, and now his fitth film is going to be “Yadav Paan Bhandar”.

With his successful film productions Jitesh Dubey has raised the business market of Bhojpuri cinema and has satisfied the distributors so much that his film “Mar Deb Goli..” was purchased by them on the demanded price.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)