Mega star of Bhojpuri cinema and popular singer Manoj Tiwari recently visited the village Ghirauna (in Himachal Pradesh) of The Great Khali, the world famous boxer and invited him to act in Bhojpuri films.

Manoj Tiwari met Khali during the ‘Bigg Boss’ season 4 and both developed close friendship. And Manoj had invited Khali to act in Bhojpuri films at that time too. But Khali proceeded to USA after he came our of Bigg Boss. Now Khali has returned and celebrated Deewali first time after a gap of ten years at his village. Khali invited Manoj Tiwari to a religious function and asked him to sing on the occasion. Manoj Tiwari accepted his request and sang a few songs on the occasion.

Manoj Tiwari has special affinity to Khali as both of them have risen coming from villages and obtained success after a great struggle. Manoj Tiwari has invited Khali to his village where he is building a Temple for Cricket and Khali may be asked to inaugurate it.

Khali has recently joined the Boxing Association. Khali did not say anything about joining films but has accepted the invitation to go to Manoj’s village.

(Source – Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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