Dinesh Lal Yadav is known for his action scenes. He loves playing dangerous shots whether it is the fight in Nirahua Rickshawala or jumping in the fire flames in Saat Saheliya> He has now done a more surprising action.

While acting for the music album Welcome Kanwaria Nirahua was to enact the role of Lord Shiva with the King Kobra around his neck. Director has asked for a dummy Cobra but Nirahua insisted on a rela snake for the scene. He denied all the warnings and did perform with the real snake around his neck. Once the snake slided into his clothes but Nirahua did not budge. Finally when the scene was shot ok everyone present heaved a sigh of relief and praised Nirahua for his risk taking.

In the same scene Pakhi was playing as Mother Parvati. She was looking so gracious that it seemed real mother Parvati has appeared on the sets. Pakhi has done many Kanwar Albums before and her performance has always been praised by the viewers.

The album is ready and already getting a brisk sale at the music counters.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)

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