Nirahua Enterprises entered film distribution last year and has distributed three Bhojpuri films so far. These films are Prem Ke Rog Bhaeel, Saat Saheliyan, and Shiva. All these films celebrated 50th day in UP territory and exposed the myth prompted by other distributors who claimed that Bhojpuri films have no business in UP. It appears that they were simply cheating the producers.

Nirahua says that his distribution arm has proved beyond doubt that UP territory too has vast business potential for Bhojpuri films and it was mere a myth propogated by other distributors who were duping the producers. Nirahua Enterprises has proved that if a film is released with proper planning and promo the business potential of UP territory is no less than any other territory for Bhojpuri films.

Nirahua Enterprises is going to release Tu Hi Mor Balma, Dil, and Mrityunjay in this territory in near future.

(Source : Prashant Nishant)


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