A Punjabi girl Priya Sharma debuted in Bhojpuri fims with “Mare Karejwa Me Teer” and soon started appearing in more and more films. She has shown her shining presence in at least more than a dozen films and her popularity is increasing every day. Her already released films include “Dulha Albela” with Vikrant, “Pawan Purvaiya” with Pawan Singh, “Kisna Kailas Kamal” with Vinay Anand, and “Hamar Lalkar” and “Ham Hai Dharam Yoddha” with Sudeep Pandey.

Forthcoming films of Priya include “Ladai La Ankhiya Ae Launde Raja” and “Barood” by producer director Ramakant Prasad, “Pyar Kare La Kareja Chahin” and “Haar Na Payee Pyar Hamar”. Priya is with Viraj Bhatta in all these films.

Priya Sharma is frank and honest enough to conceed that though she is happy to play the roles of Indian village girls, she is willing to expose if the script demands !

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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