Originally belonging to Jehanabad in Bihar, Haider Kazmi has done many Hindi films and TV serials before he came to Bhojpuri cinema with “Rangbaz”. This is his first Bhojpuri film. Talking about the film Haider Kazmi said that the story is that of a rough and tough mand Krishna Yadav who lives on his own terms. The role of Krishna Yadav is played by Haider Kazmi in the film. Haider said that when he was asked to do this role in the film he readily agreed as he had worked with its director Shivram Yadav in a Hindi film “Path” and knows him as a capable director. The viewers are going to like the film as they will see their own life in the film. The film has nine songs including two item numbers of Seema Singh and one item number by Tasleema Shekh. The lead actress of the film is Rani Chatterjee who is a talented actress and has done a superb job in the film too.

During his interview Haider Kazmi painstakingly underlined the present day dilemma of Bhojpuri film industry. He said that a person talented in one field of arts is not sure to be same in the other fields too. There is a shortage of good actors in Bhojpuri cinema and producers directors should give enough opportunities to good actors. He was pointing towards the singers who are leading the industry as actors too. Haider Kazmi films that producers directors should also give proper attention to the story and its usefulness to the society at large.

Haider Kazmi further requested Bhojpuri lovers to see the film Rangbaz and point any short comings so that these may be corrected in future and at the same time priase his work if it deserves so. A honest appraisal of the film is neccessary.

Haider Kazmi wants to do such roles that fit on him and he fits in them.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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