No one knows what one may desire. A desire of the hot and hit Bhojpuri actress Rinku Ghosh is to do a Jennifer Lopez. Rinku has been signed recently for “Ek Vardaan” for a guest appearance which is as challanging as the role of Rekha was in “Mukaddar Ka Sikandar”. Rinku loves to do challanging roles and she is always the choice of producers for a challanging role. “Ek Vardaan” is produced by Divank Dvivedi and Anand Mishra and directed by Mithilesh Singh. A journalist asked Rinku what new role she wants to play as she has played all types of roles and now is playing a Rekha in Mukaddar ka Sikandar type role. Rinku had a quick reply. She now wants to do a Jennifer Lopez and a Sridevi in Sadma type roles! Now Rinku is thinking what to do if someone really offered a bold role like Jennifer. For the present she is doing a bold role in “Aakhiri Rastaa”.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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