Ritu Pandey belongs to Phulpur in Azamgarh and is a born Bhojpuria as compared to other Bhojpuri actresses coming from non-Bhojpuri backgrounds. However she started her career with Marathi cinema, music, and stage shows. She also worked in many TV serials and has proved her acting skills. She has also worked in many Bhojpuri films, many of which have Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua as the lead actor. Ritu is more known for her comic scenes with Manoj Tiger and Santosh Srivastava Bhola. These pairs have entertained the viewers. Ritu Pandey did a college girl in recently released “Dil” which is in a special style. She is also appearing in “Dil Tohare Pyar Me Pagal Ho Gayeel” with Manoj Tiger. Iqbal Baksh is directing this film. Her other forthcoming films are “Kartavya”, “Diljale”, and, “Goriya Ke Gore Gore Gaal”. She is in a trio with Bhola Santosh Srivastava and Anand Mohan in “Diljale” to make the viewers double up laughing.

(Source : Dinesh Chandar, Ranjan Sinha)

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