Perfect action star of Bhojpuri cinema Sudeep Pandey is going to hit his sixer of films. Starting his career with “Bhojpuria Bhaiya” Sudeep has six films in line at present. By doing a challanging role in his second film Sudeep has made a point that he is an accomplished actor and a perfect action star too. His action scenes are very captivating and he can be called “Akshay Kumar of Bhojpuri cinema” without any hesitation. In “Bhojpuria Daroga” Sudeep performed a double role. He was the title character as well as a mentally challanged character in the film. His potrayal of the mentally challanged youth is memorable. He has already done many films including Masiha Babu, Sautan, Daroga Ji Chori Ho Gayel, Chandu Ke Chameli. Ham Hain Dharmyoddha, Sharabi, and, Nathuniya Pe Goli Mare.

His forthcoming six films include “Mr.Tangewala” with his double role of a simple farmer and a cunning thief, “Kurbani” as a Muslim youth who qurbans everything for his employer lady, “Lal Chingari” as an action star. “Bihar : Ek Khoj” a TV show starring Sudeep Pandey is gaining popularity every day. Sudeep was a software engineer in California when he decided to enter Bhojpuri cinema and people thought he does not know Bhojpuri culture and essence of our soil but he proved everyone wrong by making nearly half a dozen successful Bhojpuri films. He has proved himself to be a dedicated actor and a true Bhojpuria Bhaiya.

(Source : Umesh Singh Chandel)

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