The lovely pair of super duper hit film “Damini”, Vinay Anand and Rani Chatterjee are once again togather in the film “Chunari Samhal Gori” and “Sawariya I Love You”. Vinay Anand is happy and enthusiastic about these films as both are full of romance, comedy, thrill, and action. Presented by Mohan Das “Sawariya I Love You” is produced by Shambhu Pandey and C.B.Tripathi and directed by Rampal Singh. The film will be released in February. Rani Chatterjee says that any actress will agree to go to any length for a role like she has in “Sawariya…”. Rani was once injured during shooting but was ready for shoot very next day after release from hospital. These two films will make a new record of success. Producers and director of “Sawariya…” plan to release the film in an organised way. Jyoti Anand is the choreographer.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)

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