After Salman Khan now is the turn of Bhojpuri super star to show his dabangai. But Vinay anand will show his rough and tough tactics as a son-n-law in Dabang Damad and is currently busy with its shootings in Bhopal, the city of lakes. He will show his jubilant actions as well as comedy and romance in this film. About this film Vinay Anand has to say that this is going to be a very entertaining film as he will show his tough roughness as well as humble civility as a son-in-law. This is also a first that a Bhojpuri film is being shot in Bhopal.

Every day a big crowd of fans gather at the shooting sites to have a glimpse of their favorite star and Vinay Anand does not let any of his fans go disappointed as he freely gives his autographs and get him snapped with them.

Vinay Anand is going to be seen soon as another son-in-law, this time in and as Fokat Ke Damad, a son-in-law coming without price tags! Viewers are going to see his jalwa in this film after the success of ‘Trinetra’. Vinay Anand will present his acting as well as superb comedy in ‘Fokat Ke Damad’. The film is a family entertainer and you can enjoy it along with your family.

Vinay Anand has become a hot cake in the industry after the successes of ‘Chacha-Bhatija’, ‘Damini’ and now ‘Trinetra’. Every producer is either having him in her film or wants to sign him. They are encouraged by the fact that ‘Trinetra’ has made more than its cost in a single territory of Bihar.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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