Recently at the dubbing of Sawariya I Love You Rani Chattejee started crying. Everyone present in the studio became emotional too. Her role in the film is such that the viewers too will start weeping. The scene to be dubbed was related with crime against women. Director Rampal Singh explained the situation to Rani Chatterjee. Suddenly she became emotional and in no time started crying openly.

At the time presenter Mohandas, producer Shambhu Pandey, CB Tripathi and director Rampal Singh were present and all of them became emotional too. Dubbing was stopped for some time till Rani stabilised again. Vinay Anand and Deepak Dubey too were affected with the real scene.

The film is going to be released soon and it is said that it will break all the records of success.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)

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