Bhojpuri.co is an adjunct to Anjoria.com, the first website in Bhojpuri. Anjoria.com is a regularly updated site where everything is in Bhojpuri. Unfortunately, Bhojpuri pages are not that visible in searches so I decided to put some sites in English catering to the needs of Bhojpurias spread all over the world.

This is a one man effort and I do all the job single handed. Naturally some times there are mistakes, sometimes a blunder. You should try to help these sites for the development and propagation of Bhojpuri.

Any help is always welcome.

OP Singh, Publisher

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7 thoughts on “About”
  1. jai hind
    sr me do bar Gulf ka rintanar hu
    me bhojpuri comedy karta hu
    alag alag avajme (me gar se niklahu bhojpuri duniyame
    raj karekhatir
    me estating karna chahta hu
    bhojpuri laughter so se
    me esliye sapno ke nagri me bhatckata mum me
    jab bhi odition ho to espte par jaru informeson de
    +919793927100 (UP)+918425948875 (mumbai;::::: vijayn168@gmail.com pe

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