Manoj Pandey is the Saleem-Javed of Bhojpuri, says Kazmi

Famous star and producer Hyder Kazmi says that Manoj Pandey is the Saleem-Javed of cinema Bhojpuri and it is evident from the films like ‘Kalia’, ‘Mard Tangewala’, ‘Deewanagi’, ‘Benam Badshah’, ‘Lal Dupattewali’ and ‘Ghamasan’ etc. Manoj Pandey hails from Chahaniya of Chandauli district adjacent t o Varanasi in U.P. but was educated in Madhya Pradesh.

Hyder Kazmi says that earler he had to sit with the writers to ‘repair’ the dialogues but this is not the case with Manoj Pandey. Hyder and director Shivram Yadav did not have to change even a single word in what has been written by Manoj Pandey. Further Manoj Pandey is very punctual and honest to his assignment.

(Shashikant Singh report)


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