Election ticket for Kajal Nishad and other Bhojwood news

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  • Bhojpuri actress Kajal Nishad has been selected as Congress candidate from Gorakhpur Rural constituency in the forthcoming UP Assembly Election 2012. Kajal Nishad has worked in many Bhojprui as well as Hindi and Gujarati films apart from many TV serials. Her performance in “Shadi Biyah” was highly acclaimed. (Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)
  • People are thronging at the theatres across Bihar to watch Sudip Pandey’s latest flick “Qurbani” as the film enters into houseful second week. Sudip Plays a Muslim servant Boy in the film who loves his Hindu landlady (Malkeen). Though he doesn’ get her, he does and sacrifices everything to make her happy. Sudip’s heroine in the film is Suhaasini, who is his co-star from his super hit Bhojpuri film “Sharaabi”..
    (Sanjay Sharma Raj)
  • Sudip is busy shooting his latest film Bhojpuri film “Laaz”. He plays a Robibnhood type dreaded dacoit in the film that saves girls and village people from the tyrrany of village Thakur, Jamindar etc. Sudip’s image of Action Hero is being exploited to the hilt in this film. Sudip Pandey says, “I have the image of an action hero. That’s why I am offered this film and I am enjoying all stunts and action scenes. I am sure audience will enjoy my work, too”. His co-stars in the film are Anaara Gupta,Rinku Ghosh, and Gunjan Pant. (Sanjay Sharma Raj)
  • Two films, “Kali” and “Dhamal Kayeela Raja” by Jalaram Production, are still on the floor and under production but the company has announced two more films soon. Pawan Singh and Tulip Singh have been signed for “Rajput Pawan Singh” while the second, unnamed film at present, has Ravi Kishan and Tulip SIngh as the lead stars. This shows that the company is commited to maintain its hold on the Bhojpuri film industry in the coming days.(Space Creative Media)
  • The latest episode of the dance reality show “Nach Nachaiya Dhum Machaiya” was a Pawan Singh show of kind as he was there on the stage alongwith Anjana Singh and Pradeep Pandey, two of his co-stars in the film “Truck Driver”, to promote his film. Smriti Sinha and her partner Pradeep gave such a good performance that all the judges were astonished.(Prashant-Nishant)
  • Haider Kazmi is on the “chappa chappa” of Mumbai these days as the posters of his film “Rangbaz” released in Mumbai is pasted on al the walls of Mumbai, “Rangbaz” is a trend setter because its producer decided to spend good money on advertisement rather than paying through nose to some super star. And it paid the dividends as the film became highly successful commercially. In Mumbai the producer profited more than Rs. 25 lakhs in the first week itself. In Bihar the film “Rangbaz” has already run a 50 days course and that too with bumper collections.(Shashikant Singh)
  • The storyline of Bhojpuri films till date was limited to a Thakur, Haveli, a city educted heroine of hero coming back to the village. However, “Kehu Hamse Jeet Na Payee” has changed all that. Its story shows a suspended army man who falsely accuses a forest officer as traitor and destroys his whole family. It shows the story of traitors out to destroy our mother land. This film produced by Dr.Wijahat Karim has been shot extensively at Gorakhpur and stars Ravi Kishan, Rinku Ghosh along with ten other stars of the industry.(Shashikant Singh)
  • The songs and music of Bhojpuri film “Sugna” is rising regularly in popularity. This film has been produced by Ajay Ojha under the banner of Brown Eye Entertainment and the music is released by T-series. The film has Aditya Ojha, Rajiv Dinkar, Kajal Raghwani, Kalpana Shah, Pramod Moutho and others as lead stars. (Shashikant Singh)



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अबहीं ले 13 गो भामाशाहन से कुल मिला के सात हजार तीन सौ अठासी रुपिया (7388/-) के सहयोग मिलल बा. सहजोग राशि आ तारीख का क्रम से पाँच गो सर्वश्रेष्ठ भामाशाह -
18 जून 2023
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24 जून 2023 दयाशंकर तिवारी जी,
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सहयोग राशि - एगारह सौ रुपिया
19 नवम्बर 2023
पाती प्रकाशन का ओर से, आकांक्षा द्विवेदी, मुम्बई
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