The evergreen super star of Bhojpuri cinema Ravi Kishan is also known for his punctuality and commitments and honesty to his job. Recently after completing day’s shooting of ZIla Ghaziabad at Panchgani, nearly 500 kms away from Mumbai, he came striaght to the studio in Mumbai to dub for his film “Piyava Bada Satavela”, then went to the sets of Saif Ali Khan’s home production film Agent Vinod and then went back again to Panchgani. He was thus available for his shooting schedule there in time. This marathan run for 36 hours shows his commitments.

Ravi Kishan believes that first call on the time of any actor actress is that of producers and directors as they have made large investments on them. Every actor should try his or her best to help producers complete their films on time and avoid causing financial losses to them.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)


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