Recently a female guest arrived at the residence of Manoj Tiwari, mega star of Bhojpuri cinema. This guest makes many people frightened but Manoj Tiwari was pleased to see her coming to his Andheri bunglow. Media however was surprised to see her and kept its eyes on the meeting.

During the last season of “Bigg Boss” Seema and Manoj developed a brother sister relationship but when Seema voted against Manoj to oust him from the house of Bigg Boss it was presumed that the relationship is dead. This was despite the denial of Manoj Tiwari who always insisted that he has no ill feelings towrds Seema for her voting in Bigg Boss. This brother sister then had a very long chat.

Now it is said that Manoj Tiwari will soon bring Seema in Bhojpuri cinema.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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