Famous Bhojpuri film producer Alok Kumar will soon become the first Bhojpuri film producer to give six super hit films in succession. His next film Bhaiya Ke Saali Odhaniya Wali going to be released on 6th August will fulfill his ambition.

Pawan Singh and Shubhi Sharma
Bhaiya Ke Saali Odhaniya Wali is a romantic and emotional story and is going to be a clean family film. The young Super Star of Bhojpuri cinema Pawan Singh is in a new awatar in this film.

Raja Bhojpuria in year 2005, Ho Gayeel Ba Pyaar Odhania Wali Se in 2006, Gavanava Le Ja Raja Jee in 2007, Nirahua Chalal Sasural in 2008, and, Ho Gaeeni Diwana Tohra Pyaar Me in 2009 were the superhit films in succession and this is going to continue with the success of Bhaiya Ke Sali Odhania Wali in year 2010!

Bhaiya Ke Sali Odhania Wali is made under the banner of Sanjogita Films and directed by Premanshu Singh resulting in a wonderful entertaining film with Pawan Singh and Shubhi Sharma in the lead roles. Other stars of the film are Rajnish Jha, C.P.Bhatt, Brajesh Singh and debuntant Deep Raj Rana. Songs of the film are already hit and promos are getting good response from the viewers suggesting that this film of Alok Kumar will be a smashing hit.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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