Anara Gupta is in an electrifying role of a Dhaba owner in Bhojpuri film Ram Lakhan. She plays a cruel lady who beats the defaulters blue when they fail to pay for the food at the Dhaba. She has in a Basanti of Sholay film look and will be seen in some scenes smoking bidi. The film is produced by Rajkumar Daima and directed by Iqbal Baksh. Susil Singh plays the title role of Lakhan while debutate actor Som Yadab appears as Ram in the film.

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One thought on “Anara in the role of Gabbar Didi”
  1. it seems that the glowry of bhojpuri cinema is not dieing acctualy its all ready dead…resently i read about the foundation of bhojpuri industry and making of first bhojpuri film…it was really amesing..iniative was taken by the president of india by the time Dr. Rajendra Prasad…who incourased the first production of bhojpuri film…even he was not happy to see that movie climax becouse in the climax the heroin was found on a brothel in banaras…but somehow he was convinced by the producer…as heroin was an ilitrate in the film…producer wanted to leave a massage the people should understand and allow the girls too for the education so that the can face the worst situation if any cames to their lives…but todays bhojpuri cinema start with the notation of valgar viduale supported by the worst dialouges…relationships has been redefined thorugh todays bhojpuri cinema…decency and dignity of relationships has been gone to its worst lebel…what will happen in the future…god only knows or rather those senseless producer and directors parhaps…there notion is if there is chepness in cinema it will pay them better…come over geys…make some good cinema n feel proud….

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