Producer Dr. Rajkumar Chauhan is going to make a Bhojpuri film titled ‘Anna Ke Aandhi’ which will be directed by Chandrasen Singh and Anna’s role will be played by Superhit action hero of Bhojpuri film’s Sudip Pandey.

In ‘Anna Ke Aandhi’ Sudip plays a doctor in a village of Bihar. His name is Anna and his idol is Anna Hazare. Dr. Anna fights against the corruption in the village through non violence ways as taught by Gandhian Anna Hazare. He awakens the people towards this mission.

“It is a challenging role. We are trying to convey some message in through this film. Society needs people like Anna and the Media needs to play its role very aggressively for cleanse of the society”, says Sudip about his film and Anna.

Film has Dr. Rajkumar Chauhan’s screenplay, Aman Shlok’s music, Prince’s camera work, Sanjeet Kumar’s dialogue, Akbar Sharif’s action and Agnes’s Choreography.It’s produced under the banner of Rajarashi Films

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