Another corporate company in Bhojpuri film making

by | Jan 5, 2011 | 1 comment

A well known advertisement company “Spend Media & Entertainment” is now entering Bhojpuri film production. Its first film is “Preet Ke Reet Nibhaeeha Sajana” and director is Abhishek Tiwari. Producer of the film is Arvind Thakur of Patna. Arvind Thakur says that Bhojpuri film are running successfully not only in India but abroad also. Naturally his company too wanted to be part of this propagation of Bhojpuri culture. Majority of the films in Bhojpuri do not mirror the Bhojpuri society in its true color because the producers and directors belong to non-Bhojpuria background. Thakur says his film will be shot in BIhar and Uttar Pradesh and the shooting will start from the last week of January. Stars of the film include Suraj Tiwari, Arvind, Suparna Singh, Vipin Singh, Nilima Singh, Vinod Mishra and others. Cameraman is Premanand who had done the cinematography of Manoj Bajpayee starrer “Jugad”, Sunil Gupta is co-director and Abhishek Verma is the executive producer.

(Source – Ranjan Sinha)


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