Many artists come to Mumbai to try their luck in the film industry and sooner than later they have to face the reality that to succeed in this industry you need lot of talent, commitment, and patience to succeed. It is just another matter that a few attain success due to their god-fathers or god-mothers.

But for those who dont have any family support have to make their own path to success and Arun Kr.Singh of Vikramganj in Rohtas district of Bihar is one such actor. He did his studies from Bangalore University where he was crowned as Best Singer of his college. After completing his engineering education Arun Singh came to Mumbai to fulfill his childhood dream of acting and singing in films. He came in year 2002 and now is singing as well as acting in various Bhojpuri films, teleserials, as well as Hindi movies.
Arun Singh plays a doctor in “Nandu Nikamma” directed by Braj Bhushan, a S.P. in “Lal Chingari” directed by Akash Yogi. He is also the doctor in teleserial “Sa Se Saraswati” shown on Mahuaa TV and is the don of beggers in Hindi film “Beggars Don”.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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