Usually the stars celebrate their birthdays with VIPs and page 3 people. However it was an exception to see Awadhesh Mishra celebrating his birthday with crew members on the sets of Kali on 19th July. He then shared his birthday cake with technicians and spot boys and later gave a grand party to all.

Awadhesh Mishra says that behind any actors success lies the labor and dedication of the crew members of the film unit. And therefore he decided to celebrate his birthday with his team. Fortunately, to make the event from meaningful was the presence of his mother, wife, and children. Super star Vinay Anand, actress Tulip Singh, item queen Seema Singh, comedy king Manoj Tiger, Sanjay Sonu, Prakash Jais, director Ramdevan, producer Raman Nayar, cameraman R.R.Prince, music directors Rajesh and Rajnish, Aiyaz Khan, Manish Chaturvedi and others joined the celebrations.

(Source : Prashant-Nishant)


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