The name which has emerged rapidly among the new comers is that of Neeraj Raj Podel. Neeraj comes from Nepal after his education in Newyork. He loves theaters and films and this brought him to Mumbai. He was choosen by prodcuer director Ramakant Prasad for his film ‘Diljale’ when he saw Neeraj in a stage show. The character of Neeraj in ‘Diljale’ was of Prem Chopra style where negative shade is mixed with comedy. Neeraj did this role so effectively that Ramakant Prasad gave him another chance in his film ‘Barood’. This film has given an identity to Neeraj Raj and it is said that his role will be blasting and yet more shining will be his role in ‘Khoon Paseena’. Neeraj Raj Podel is working with Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua and Pawan Singh in a special role. This film also is produced and directed by Ramakant Prasad. Two more films starring Neeraj are in the line, ‘Jaan Tere Nam’ and ‘Bhojpuria Mazdoor’.

(Source – Samarjeet)


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