With growing popularity and demand Bhojpuri cinema is attracting all sorts of people. Many Indian producers of other language films, including Bollywood and South Indian film industry, are coming to Bhojpuri film production. And now, a research scholar of University of Pennsylvania is working on a dissertion on Bhojpuri cinema.

“As Bollywood films have increasingly catered to a wealthy, cosmopolitan class of Indians here and abroad, regional cinemas have seen a growth in demand from Indians who can no longer relate to the Hindi movies”, says Kathryn Hardy, a University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate in South Asian studies who is working on a dissertation on Bhojpuri cinema.

But at the same time producers belong to nonBhojpuri languages are fast degrading the language and bringing Bhojpuri cinema to C grade level of films. Majority of the Bhojpuri films do not seem to be related with Bhojpuri culture and society. They just use the language to make films with double meaning dialogues, item songs, bedroom scenes, rape scenes and even Bhojpuri producers are doing the same. These people dont even seem to know the nuances of Bhojpuri language.

It is high time some producer directors like Prakash Jha decides to produce path breaking films to bring Bhojpuri cinema at par with quality films.

By Editor

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