Punjabi kudi of a pilot father. But she dreads heights. Wanted to go in medical field but has to do B.Sc. and then did a course for dietitian and joined a hospital. But then it is also a saying that your luck takes ultimately to your destiny one day.

We are talking about Kalpana Shah who has reached the top in Bhojpuri cinema. Talking about her entering cinema industry Kalpana said that she loves dancing and had done a stage show in Chandigarh. Ashok Jain saw that program on a TV channel and located her and called to do a film in Bhojpuri.After some hesitation Kalpana Shah agreed and when the shot was taken it was OK the veri first time ! That film was “Badki Mai”.

Her family support was with her and she did “Bhaiya Ke Sali, Jogi Ji Dhire Dhire, Pradhan Ji, Prem Pujaranm Jab Kehu Dil Me Sama Jala, Mar Deb Goli Kehu Na Boli, Kasoor, Lakhaira, Apne Begane,” etc. About vulgarity in Bhojpuri cinema Kalpana Shah says that noise is more than the reality. The so called vulgar scenes are always on another track and amongst side artists. And even when this is done this is to satisfy the common visitors.

(Source – Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala)


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