Coming into limelight with three of his earlier films, Munni Bai Nautanki Wali, Dharmveer, and Brijwa, Jitesh Dubey is going to present his fourth film Mar Deb Goli Kehu Na Boli produced by Payal Dubey and directed by Jagdish Sharma.

Ravi Kishan is in the lead role in the film and faces the Mafia gangs of Purvanchal with his pistol and decides to eliminate the mafias altogather. His partner in the film is Gunjan Pant who is also in a surprising role. This film was shot in Bhadohi district of U.P.. Whoever has seen the rushes of the film says that Ravi Kishan and Gunjan Pant have given memorable performances.

Other stars in the film include Deepak Dubey, Kiran Kumarm Brijwsh Tripathi, and Siddhartha Rai.

(Source : Shashikant Singh)


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