Recently the film “Dabang Damad” was being filmed at Kerwa Dam resort in Bhopal the song “Live in my hearts or in my eyes”, Dil Me Raha Chahe Nayana Me, was floating through attracting the tourist visiting Kerwa. Bhojpuri super star Vinay Anand and actress Kalpana Shah were dancing on the tunes under the direction of Vinod Tiwari. The shooting continued till late in evening. The shooting will continue at the beautiful Bhopal for 20 days.
We had some free time and had a chance to talk with Vinay Anand, who freely talked about himself and his career. Vinay Anand denies he had ever had any kind of pressure or challenge as he was the nephew of Govinda, famous Hindi star. Vinay grew in the house of Govinda amidst acting and films. He then graduated in acting from Taneja Acting School before joining films. He worked in ten Hindi films before shifting to Bhojpuri films on the advice of his friend Ranjan Singh.
The Bhojpuri film industry gave him enough love and response as it also gave him an identity. Now he has worked in nearly 70 films in these five years. Vinay Anand feels happy that Bhojpuria viewers love him and like his acting.
Talking about Bhojpuri films and his future plans Vinay Anand said that language and region are not important for an artist. Their canvas are always bigger than these trivial issues. Vinay Anand was also happy with his feeling about Bhopal and said he plans to stay for few more days after the shooting. He also never makes any plan and prefers to go with the situation.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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