It is said about Bhojpuri cinema that you can make a Bhojpuri film without film reels but you cannot make one without the item dance of Seema Singha, aka Dancing Doll. She shoots one or two item numbers every day and every film of her is becoming successful on the box offices. Recently she has signed five new films as item girl, including “Chingari” by KD, “Bandhanmukt” with Vinay Anand, “Thumkewali”, “Baagi” with Ajay Dixit and “Kehu Humse Jeet Na Payee” with Ravi Kishan. One more fact underlining her success is the fact the producers may shoot their film anywhere but the scenes including Seema Singh is always shot in Mumbai for her convenience. Thus the dancing girl of Bhojpuri cinema is making producers dance on her tunes!

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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