Deepak Dubey has acted in four films as a hero and all of them were super duper hits. “Munnibai Nautanki Wali” was the biggest hit of 2009 and “Brijwa, Tu Hi Mor Balma, Mar Deb Goli Kehu Na Boli” made Deepak Dubey a hit star. Today every producer have faith in him as he does super action, in unmatched in comedy, and expert in romance. Now Deepak Dubey is coming as a chocolaty hero in “Bulandi”. After more than a month long body building Deepak developed his body like Salman Khan. He has done action and acting beautifully in the film. It appears that Deepak has the guts and talents to fill the vacant slot of an angry young man of Bhojpuri cinema. Even the top actresses are willing to do films with Deepak Dubey.

(Source – Shashikant Singh)


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