Recently two films of Rinku Ghosh were released on the same day in Bihar-Jharkhand and both proved to be smashing hits. These films are Tu Hi Mor Balma and Balidaan. Rinku has also being acclaimed for her perfomances in both these films from the viewers as well as film-critcs. Best Actress Award winner of last year, Rinku Ghosh has presented her in different styles in these films.

In Tu Hi Mor Balma Rinku Ghosh is playing a young college town girl and four boys are madly in love with her. One of these boys is the hero of the film Pravesh Lal Yadav. Her romantic acting in this film is very lovable. While inBalidaan she is playing a woman whose husband is killed by musclemen of the locality. She is a fighting woman and an affectionate mother at the same time and wins wholeheartedly acclaim of the viewers. Her role in this film reminds one of her character in the blockbuster film Bidais.

To express it all in a single sentence Rinku has made a double dhamal.

(Source : Prashant Nishant)

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