Produced under the banners of Hinduja Films and Take Off Entertainment, the Bhojpuria film ‘Ee Ha Mumbai Nagariya Tu Dekh Babua’ is undergoing shootings in Mumbai. The story revolves around the job seekers from U.P. and Bihar coming to Mumbai where they have to struggle hard to keep their culture and thoughts in this modern city. The film gives a message in a light comedy style.
Producers are Nihal Ahmad and Kishor Hinduja, story and direction is by Anand Srivastava, lyrics are by Vinay Bihari and Manoj Mohit, music by Ganesh Pandey, camera by Pramod Pandey, fight master is Gabbar Singh, script and dialogues are by Subodh Gandhi and choreography is by Kanu Mukherjee.
The stars of the film include Sumeet Baba, Ketan Pandey, Khushi Gupta, CP Bhatt, Isha Tiwari, Santosh Srivastava, Puskar Anil Singh, Akhilesh Shukla and others.

(Source : Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala )


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