The family of Bhojpuri super star is passing through a period of mental agony following the suicide of their maid servant Ruby. Ruby recently jumped from the bathroom window on 15th floor to death. She was working in the family for last two month. The personal attendant ‘boy’ Sagar Verma had introduced Ravi to the family saying that she is in financial mess and needs work. Preeti Shukla, wife of Ravi Kishan, then employed ruby to do the household job. Ruby was introvert and rarely said something about herself, though it was apparent that she was worried about her children.
On the day of the incident Ravi Kishan was busy promoting Santan in Bihar and his family faced the trauma of the incident. News in media also affected his children and his absence at this time has affected the children more. Ravi Kishan has said that though tit will take time for his family ot come out of this situation and he will meet the media soon to answer their questions when he reaches Mumbai. This trauma has dampened the joy of the success of his latest film “Santan”. He prays peace for the departed soul of Ruby and sympathize with her family.

(Source – Uday Bhagat)


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