Super star Ravi Kishan starrer ‘Faulaad’ film was released in Mumbai on 11-11-11. Produced by Rajnish Gupta under the banner of SriBrijeshwari Films this film is directed by Feroz Khan who was a famous cameraman. The action scenes by Ravi Kishan are astonishing while the role played by Sushil Singh will thrill them. To add on these the comedy by Prakash Jaish, aka Raja Bhaiya of small screen, will tingle them. Two top villains Awadhesh Mishra and Brijesh Tripathi too have their best moments in the film. Anjana Singh has made a debut with ‘Faulaad’. Other actors include Harry Josh, Ratnesh Barnwal, Ritu Pandey, Rajesh Tomar and Kiran Yadav.

Music is by Rajesh-Rajnish, lyrics by Bipin Bahar, Shyam Dehati and Pyarelal Kavi, story by Sanjay Rai. The co producer is Ritu Gupta and executive producer os KM Singh (Kanhaiya).

Ravi Kishan says that this is total entertainment film and will be liked by viewers.

(Source – Uday Bhagat)


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