The Bhojpuri film “Faulad” produced by Rajnish Gupta under the banner of Sri Brijeshwari Films and directed by famous cinematographer Feroz Khan has evergreen super star of Bhojpuri cinema, Ravi Kishan, as its star and his actions will mesmerize the viewers. The film is going for release on 16th Sept. in cinema halls of Bihar.

Apart from super actions by Ravi Kishan the stellar performances of Sushil Singh too will thrill the viewers. At the same time “Raja Bhaiya” of small screen, Prakash Jais, will entertaint the viewers. There is a super pair of Bhojpuria villains Awadhesh Mishra and Brijesh Tripathi in the film and the present day hot cake actress of Bhojpuri cinema, Anjana Singh, is making her debut with this film.

Other main stars are Harry Josh, Ratnesh Barnwal, Ritu Pandey, Rajesh Tomar and Kiran Yadav. All the songs in the film are melody composed by Rajesh Rajnish and penned by Bipin Bahar, Shyam Dehati, and Pyarelal Kavi. Story writer is Sanjay Ray, co producer is Ritu Gupta, and executive producer is K.M.Singh ‘Kanhaiya’.

Ravi Kishan says about the film “Faulaad” that this is a complete film and the viewers will sure love it.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)


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