Nirahua brothers

After making their marks in Bhojpuri film industry the Nirahua brothers are now going to make a new splash with their upcoming film Aaj Ke karan Arjun.  These real life brothers will play their role as reel life brothers in the film. This is for the first time that Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua and Pravesh Lal Yadav are acting in the same film.
Made under the joint banner of Capital Films Pvt.Ltd. and Yashi Films Pvt.Ltd, this film potrays the story of two brothers who are studying in a city college and then return to their native village to avenge all the torture they faced during their childhood. Dinesh lal is paired with Pakhi Hegde, the well established lucky pair of Bhojpuri cinema, while Pravesh Lal is with Esha Khandelwal, a south Indian actress making her debut in Bhojpuri films.
The brothers will be seen studying, dancing, and fighting togather in thi film produced jointly by famous Bhojpuri film producer Abhay Sinha and famous Hindi film producer of Bollywwod T.P.Agrawal. The film is directed by the famous director Harry Fernandes who also has written the story for the film.
Returnign  after the shooting both brothers have all praise for the film. They say that it is going to be a full action film with all the ingedients of a successful film. Other stars of the film include tinu Verma, Anup Arora, Nilima Singh, Puspa verma, Sudesh Kaul, Chhaya Verma, and, Kiran Kumar.
Everyone is waiting with abated breath to see the impact the film is going to make at the box-offices.
Source : Prashant-Nishant


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