Recently at a small village in Motihari district of Bihar, Pawan Singh put his blood as a vermilion mark on Smriti Sinha in the presence of hundreds of villagers witnessing it. He was in love with Smriti Sinha and to it a respectable relationship he had to accept her as his wife. After he put the vermilion mark on Smriti Sinha’s head, both went into deep embrace.
This was a filmi scene for a Bhojpuri film Pyaar Bina Chain Kahan Re made by Ananjay Raghuraj under the banner of Seven star Creations. The film depicts the story of young lovers who started with childhood  friendship and subsequently fall in love with each other. Unfortunately by the time they could express their love it was too late.
The scene was when Pawan marries  Smriti who is a widow now. The preparations were going on when Pawan Singh cut his finger and put the flowing blood on Smriti Sinha’s head as a vermilion mark. This romantic emotional love story is being directed by Manoj Shreepati. The film show that love never dies and a widow too has a right to live normally in the society.
Other stars of the film include Lalitesh Jha, Pankaj Tripathi, Anand Mohan, Sanjeev Jha, Mahak Shukla, Nilima SIngh, Harisharan, Sunil Bihari, Amaarendra Sharma, and, Praveen Singh Siosodiya. Chhali Sreevastav is the co-producer, story is by Rakesh trripathi, lyrics by Vinay Bihari, Fanindra Rao, and Rajesh Mishra. Music director of the film is Dhananjay Mishra.
The film is going to be released soon.

Source: Prashant-Nishant


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