You must be thinking about Firoz Khan the famous Bollywood actor, but we are talking about Firoz, the famous cameraman of Bhojpuri cinema who is starting his career as a director with Bhojpuri film “Faulaad” produced by Rajnish Gupta. He has made the super star Ravi Kishan a “Faulaad” in his very first film. Ravi Kishan is doing the title role in the film. Debutat actress Anjana Singh is the lead actress in the film. Other important stars of the film are Sushil Singh, Awadhesh Mishra, Brijesh Tripathi, Prakash Jais, Maya Yadav, Kiran Yadav etc. Recently the film was launched in the gracious presence of Raj Kumar Kohli, Ajay Ojha, Ritu Gupta and many others with the song recording for the film in the voice of Indu Sonali with the music provided by Rajesh Rajnish. The shooting will start from March. The film is based on a story written by Sanjay Ray.

Ravi Kishan happens to be the sole Bhojpuri actor who is busy in Hindi films, TV shows, ad films, and other regional films along with Bhojpuri films. Trade pundits estimate that 150 crores is on stake with him. Hie has more than two dozen Bhojpuri films which are either on the floor or in the pipeline to be started soon.

Despite being so busy in multiple productions Ravi Kishan has also decided to produce films as a producer and has announced two new films this year, “Kaisan Piyava Ke Charittar Baa” and “Shooter Shukla”. The first film “Kaisan Piyava Ke Charittar Baa” will be directed by the well known film writer Santosh Mishra. This is for the first time that Santosh Mishra is directing a film. Ravi Kishan is in the lead role and Madhukar Anand is the music director.

“Shooter Shukla” will be directed by National Award winner Anand D. Gahatraj, music is by Raj Sen and story is by Santosh Mishra. The shooting of these films will start next month.

(Source : Uday Bhagat)

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