Recently the first shooting for Bhojpuria film “Chalal Lal Chingari” produced under the banner of A.S.Meena Films was done near JP Golambar at Gandhi Maidan, Patna. The story is about the Naxal terror common in several states including Bihar. There are also many woman Naxals involved in this crime.

The scene shot that day was presenting a Naxal woman, played by Sarika Sanghmitra, to the court and the raid on the police party led by another Naxal, played by Rahul Singh, with his gang members. They successfully release their comrade woman Naxal. Akash Yogi is the director of the film.

The film is produced by Yog Narayan, music is by Arvind Madhur, fight master is Jeetu Singh, and production controller is Arvind Srivastava.

The star cast of the film includes Kunal Singh, Dilip Sinha, Upasana Singh, Rahul Singh, Chandra Bhushan Tiwari, Sarika Sanghmitra, Archita Masi, Dr.Srikant, Bhola Yadavendu, R. Narendra, Prem Sanghalia, Deepak Taneja, Upendra Singh, Vijay Anand, Arun Singh, Shyam Malhotra, Sanjay Sarang, Amit and others.

(Source : Dinesh Chandar)


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