The hot queen actress Gunjan Pant was recently at Gaya in Bihar and she came back fully impressed with Bihar. She says the people there are very open and welcoming. Gunjan Pant was at Gaya for the shooting of her film “Dhoom Machaila Raja Ji” and her hero in the film is popular folk singer Chhotu Chhaliya. The chemistry between these two was very good.Chhotu took Gunjan for sight seeing, served her litti chokha, imarati and lassi made of sattu. The tastes of these items was very ‘yummy’ for Gunjan and she is still salivating thinking about the litti chokha.

‘Dhoom Machaila Raja Ji’ is produced by Chunmun Pandit. Gunjan has also worked in his earlier film ‘Kisana Kailas Kamaal’ and Chunmun says that working with Gunjan is tension free and you are relaxed to work. The shooting for this new film too was a smooth affair. He says that there are many looks of Gunjan in this film. She is a hot town girl and a simple village dame also.

(Source – Shashikant Singh, Ranjan Sinha)


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